Nft’s don’t just have to be digital.

Using the Power of XRP and the XUMM wallet to bring NFT’s to life!

We are an organization that provides Custom XrPiNft’s.

PIN tokens were created to be distributed along with our NFT’s to be exchanged on our web store for collectible physical pins based off our NFT’s. The token was developed to show the utility and power of the XRP Ledger and all it has to offer. XrPiNFT is not running an initial coin offering. PIN is not an investment, do not expect profits and always do your own research. Whitepaper and roadmap available below.

Create a trustline on the XRPL begin collecting today!

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Digital XrPiNft’s minted


Phygital XrPiN’s available

50 XRP

Current XrPiNft Floor Price

Why XRPL and XUMM?

The XRP Ledger is an open-source, permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in 3-5 seconds.

XUMM allows you to interact with the XRP Ledger and 3rd party tools while keeping your keys super safe. You’ll have total freedom managing and using your XRP and any other issued token / currency on the XRP Ledger.

How to order

Each sale of a XrPiNft includes PIN tokens on the XRPL that can be redeemed for an collectible Pin on this site. To collect more PIN buy or sell any XrPiNft or be on the lookout for promotional airdrops.

XrPiNFT Whitepaper


  • 2021 Q3 

    • XrPiNFT LLC Incorporated 
    • PIN token Issued 
    • XrPiNFT Website Created 

  • 2021 Q4 

    • November 19th 2021 19:00PM EST PIN Airdrop Snapshot 
    • Airdrop of 20,000,000 tokens to 62,000+ Trustlines
    • Release Whitepaper
    • NFT prototypes using existing methods
    • local artist partnerships
  • 2022 Q1 

    • Become KYC/verified on most/all platforms if possible
    • Prototype PIN token distribution system for NFT sales

  • 2022 Q4 

    • Prototype physical pins production
    • Open Webstore for Pins
  • TBD

    • XrPiNFT Marketplace
    • Provide space for artists to create/sell NFT’s using PIN ecosystem 
    • Partner with NFT projects in the XRP community
    • Evaluate NFT space and update roadmap and project objectives

Blog Updates

First XrPiNFT Auction!

The wait is over and you can finally get your hands on a XrPiNFT thanks to a combination of the Sologenic marketplace and XLS-14d! The buy/sell function is not yet available on the Sologenic marketplace but we can still transfer the NFTs directly to you! Then once it is live you will be able to…

Dec 1st is here!

It’s an exciting time for the crypto market and it’s an exciting time for XrPiNFT!! We have been hard at work and have updated our site with our whitepaper so check it out! We are also currently underway on our first NFT so stay tuned for updates. While we are waiting for XLS-20d we will…