Airdrop update

15,000,000 PIN tokens will be distributed after the snapshot at 19:00PM EST November 19th. The amount per XRP will be decided at time of snapshot and respective XRP balances. So for example if the total XRP in the trustline accounts is 150,000,000 XRP then 15,000,000/150,000,000 = .10PIN per XRP in your account. Also please be mindful when trading, this is a new project.

PIN tokens were created to be distributed along with our NFT’s to be exchanged on our web store for collectible physical pins based off our NFT’s. The token was developed to show the utility and power of the XRP Ledger and all it has to offer. XrPiNFT is not running an initial coin offering. PIN is not an investment, do not expect profits and always do your own research. Whitepaper and roadmap to be updated soon

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