First XrPiNFT Auction!

The wait is over and you can finally get your hands on a XrPiNFT thanks to a combination of the Sologenic marketplace and XLS-14d! The buy/sell function is not yet available on the Sologenic marketplace but we can still transfer the NFTs directly to you! Then once it is live you will be able to resell or transfer yourself.

The bidding starts tomorrow, 2/1/2022, at 500 XRP and lasts 24 hours. Once completed we will transfer the first ever XrPiNFT to the winning bidder after payment is processed. This is our first auction so please bear with us but if successful will not be our last!

Along with the auction we will begin to burn PIN tokens with each sale of XrPiNFTs. A percentage of the winning bid will be determined after the end of the auction.

We are still working on a PIN token distribution system which will most likely go into effect once XLS-20D is live so please be patient!

This is one huge step in the right direction and hope to keep moving forward in this ever evolving space!

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