First XrPiNFT Auction!

The wait is over and you can finally get your hands on a XrPiNFT thanks to a combination of the Sologenic marketplace and XLS-14d! The buy/sell function is not yet available on the Sologenic marketplace but we can still transfer the NFTs directly to you! Then once it is live you will be able to resell or transfer yourself.

The bidding starts tomorrow, 2/1/2022, at 500 XRP and lasts 24 hours. Once completed we will transfer the first ever XrPiNFT to the winning bidder after payment is processed. This is our first auction so please bear with us but if successful will not be our last!

Along with the auction we will begin to burn PIN tokens with each sale of XrPiNFTs. A percentage of the winning bid will be determined after the end of the auction.

We are still working on a PIN token distribution system which will most likely go into effect once XLS-20D is live so please be patient!

This is one huge step in the right direction and hope to keep moving forward in this ever evolving space!

Dec 1st is here!

It’s an exciting time for the crypto market and it’s an exciting time for XrPiNFT!! We have been hard at work and have updated our site with our whitepaper so check it out! We are also currently underway on our first NFT so stay tuned for updates. While we are waiting for XLS-20d we will still try and bring the NFT to market around new years.

We recently hit over six thousand, yes THOUSAND, followers on twitter and to show our appreciation we will be running a giveaway! The rules and terms are on our twitter page so check it out to enter. The giveaway will run for two days and then we will pick and announce the winners on DEC 4th!

We wanted to thank everyone for the support so this is our way of saying thanks! We appreciate everyone’s patience and continue to work on the project when we can. Thank you everyone!

Snapshot complete!

Snapshot has been captured, we will update you on official airdrop amounts once it is calculated. We ended up with 62,541 trustlines!

Thank you everyone for the support! It may take a couple hours for the calculations with so many accounts so please be patient. We will post on twitter once the airdrop has started and then again when it is complete. Please wait to send any concerns until after completion and we will investigate any problems then.

Less than 6 hours away!

We can’t believe so many people are joining this project and this has put a “pep in our step”. With that we have decided to up the distribution to 20M PIN. That is 1/5 of the total supply! We are working hard on making sure the airdrop is as smooth as possible and it will begin shortly after the snapshot tonight at 19:00EST. Please have the trustline setup and some XRP in your account. Again the default reserve amount of 10 XRP will not count towards the airdrop. All other reserve amounts, for trustlines and open orders, however will!

The Airdrop will be calculated and announced shortly after the snapshot. So for example, if we have a combined total of 200,000,000 XRP, not including the 10 XRP reserve, in the accounts with trustlines added, then we will have 20,000,000/200,000,000 = .10 PIN per XRP in your account. So if you have 100 XRP in your account you will receive 10 PIN! Once the airdrop starts it may take a few days to receive your PIN so be patient. We will announce when the airdrop has concluded and deal with any issues at that time. If you do not have a trustline established at the time of the snapshot your are NOT eligible for the airdrop.

Please keep in mind any laws and regulations pertaining to you in your country when receiving your airdrop. Always do your own research and trade at your own risk. PIN is NOT and investment and was created to demonstrate the utility and power of the XRP Ledger. It’s main use is for the XrPiNFT ecosystem and the XrPiNFT NFT Marketplace and webstore which is currently set to open Q1 2022 and Q2 2022 respectively.

Once the airdrop is complete, XrPiNFT will begin work on the NFT’s and Marketplace so stay tuned and thank you all for the support!

Airdrop update

15,000,000 PIN tokens will be distributed after the snapshot at 19:00PM EST November 19th. The amount per XRP will be decided at time of snapshot and respective XRP balances. So for example if the total XRP in the trustline accounts is 150,000,000 XRP then 15,000,000/150,000,000 = .10PIN per XRP in your account. Also please be mindful when trading, this is a new project.

PIN tokens were created to be distributed along with our NFT’s to be exchanged on our web store for collectible physical pins based off our NFT’s. The token was developed to show the utility and power of the XRP Ledger and all it has to offer. XrPiNFT is not running an initial coin offering. PIN is not an investment, do not expect profits and always do your own research. Whitepaper and roadmap to be updated soon

First PIN airdrop! (And more…)

We can’t believe there are already over 10,000 trustlines established! To celebrate we will be doing our first airdrop to every trustline that is established before November 19th! The tokens will be distributed shortly after that date to any account with an established trustline. Check out the website to find out how and be on the lookout for more updates on the project!

While we wait for an amendment to the XRP Ledger to allow for NFT’s we will work on getting our first NFT available around new years. This is an ever evolving space and things are moving fast so we will try to keep you all updated as things happen!

Create a trustline now!

Already have a XUMM wallet? Great! If not head over to our FAQ page to help set one up. Once established you can add a trustline for our PIN token and be eligible for our first airdrop. This means free tokens for you! These tokens will be used to order physical Pins from our site once it is up and running.

*note that a new wallet address requires 10 XRP reserve to activate and another 2 XRP per trustline (As of today)

Introducing XrPiNft!

Sometimes digital just doesn’t feel as good as the real thing

XrPiNft plans to bring digital and physical together. You can now purchase an NFT and using the power of the XRP Ledger purchase a physical collectible Pin to match your purchase. The first iteration of our NFT will be a single sale item with an Airdrop of PIN tokens, enough to buy one of the limited series tokens that will be produced. Be on the lookout for our first NFT and start collecting some PIN’s!

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