What are NFT’s?

An NFT is a “Non-fungible token”, a secure and unique digital item that can be bought, sold, and traded on a blockchain. Think of an NFT as a digital locked safe that only the owner can open. Once you sell or trade it then the combination is reset so only the new owner can open it. The safe can hold any type of digital asset. Like our NFT, most are unique art and digital media but the future possibilities of NFT’s will branch out into multiple aspects of life that we now interface with in the physical world.

How is XrPiNft different?

XrPiNft’s are different in that each sale/purchase allows you to collect PIN tokens, a token created on the XRP Leger. This blockchain technology allows for speedy transactions and minimal fees. When enough tokens are collected they can be spent on our website for a unique collectible physical Pin that will be shipped directly to you!

HOW it all works

Setup a XUMM wallet and PIN Trustline

Download the mobile XUMM app to your mobile device and set up a wallet address. Note that this requires an initial transfer of XRP to activate the wallet. Once setup you can add a trustline from the link below on your mobile device to receive and spend PIN tokens.

Collect PIN tokens

The best way to collect PIN tokens is through purchasing and selling XrPiNft’s. There will also be promotional airdrops so setup those trustlines on the XRPL!

Collect XrPiNft’s

XrPiNft’s are currently being produced and will be available soon, projected to be late Q4 2021 or early Q1 2022. Each purchase and sale comes with PIN tokens on the XRPL. These tokens will be used on the XrPiNFT webshop for collectibles!

Order Pins from this webstore

Pins will be added to the webstore as soon as we can produce them. This project is just beginning and may take some time to get going so start collecting your PIN tokens now to be one of the first to own an XrPiNft!



Our first NFT is designed after our original concept logo and will be the design for the first custom Pin available.

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Photo by Pavel Danilyuk on Pexels.com

More NFT’s

Other NFT’s are in the works. We have some cool projects in mind and are working with local artists. Stay tuned!

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Download the XUMM wallet to get started today.